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Hunt, fish, educate. Pursue

American Jake is a hunting and fishing program for teenagers based out of Virginia. We have events throughout the year focusing on outdoor sports such as: fly fishing, rainbow trout fishing, skeet shooting, rifle shooting, etc! We welcome teenagers of all previous skill levels. This program is not only about improving teenagers' knowledge in the outdoors, but building a community of the next generation who will support and inspire each other to pursue these sports for the rest of their lives. My name is Annie Adamson (17) and I started American Jake.

Step 1: Education


Teaching proper safety techniques is crucial to the success of an outdoorsman. This is why American Jake emphasizes the safety of all people as a priority with professional instructors during events. 


Step 2: Practice

There is always room to grow, despite how much experience one may have. Practicing essential skills needed in the outdoors is essential to expanding one's capabilities and knowledge. 


Step 3: Pursue

The outdoors can be life-altering as it is calming, beautiful, and ever-changing. American Jake gives teenagers the knowledge and opportunities they need to pursue the outdoors. 

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